Kids’ Yoga in Bayside, Positive Uptake of Little Warriors

February 28, 2018

Kids’ Yoga, Bayside

Nikki Morris, the studio manager opened Little Warriors, kids’ yoga studio in Bayside to fulfil a life-long dream.

“I’ve always loved yoga and teaching adults. Once I completed my specialist training in kids’ yoga and I started teaching, I’ve never looked back. The enjoyment kids receive from yoga and the calming, positive effect it has, is so inspiring.

Yoga Benefits Kids

“The benefits of yoga has on the kids is seen almost immediately. We’ve be asked to teach yoga to kinders and primary schools on premise, and the response has been really positive. We offer weekly programs within the bayside area. We hold introductory classes, and as the kids enjoy it so much, we are invited to go back every week. They really look forward to it and can use some of the calming techniques and poses during quiet or rest times.

“It’s great to teach kids early yoga poses and breathing techniques, it sets them up for when they experience stressful times. Yoga provides the skills they need to cope with stress and it’s a positive way to empower them.

Working with Bayside Kinders and Schools

“We donate yoga class packs to help raise school funds and work with our kinder and school partners to provide a more holistic schooling program. These giveaways increase awareness of the studio and also provide the opportunity to experience what yoga for kids, is all about.

“We are also actively involved in the community and recently sponsored the mindful walk with Madame Heap as the St Kilda Botanical Gardens in February. It was lovely to be involved, with a great turn out and close to $8,000 raised for mental health. We held a demonstration on kids’ yoga as participants walked around the gardens.

“Our onsite and offsite kids’ yoga programs in the bayside area has steadily increased throughout the past year. Demand for our services is increasing along with awareness of the benefits yoga provides children. We look forward to teaching as many kids as possible the enjoyment and life skills yoga provides. With parents and teachers enjoying those benefits too” says Morris.

About Little Warriors

contact: [email protected]
Little Warriors Yoga gives students the physical benefits of strength, balance and flexibility; combined with lessons in calmness, kindness and bravery.