Growing Trend of Children’s Yoga in the Market

November 14, 2017

Life these days has become busier and more fast-paced. We have constant access to technology and there is increased inappropriate child-directed media creating un-healthy and unattainable body images in children as young as five. Therefore it is not surprising that more and more kids are displaying symptoms of anxiety, stress, attention disorders and anger issues with The Royal Children’s Hospital quoting the alarming increase in children presenting with these types of issues.

As we see this increase we should also take the time to note the flip side which is a positive. We now have many parents, carers, teachers and early educators out there who are intent on doing something positive for their kids. Finding an outlet where their children feel safe but are also encouraged to be their best, try their best, accept and love who they are and importantly learn skills which they can carry through life and help them deal with the up’s and downs that it will inevitably throw them.

What we are seeing is a growing trend of children’s yoga in the market. It is easy to look around and see this growth. There is an increased focus in newspapers and journals on studies which have proved the positive benefits of yoga for children. We are also seeing health professionals such as medical doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapist actively recommending yoga as a key part to children’s health and wellbeing. A way not to just assist in recovery or management of symptoms but encouraging children to establish a regular yoga practice.

Breathing exercises and mindfulness practices taught to children in age appropriate methods are becoming more and more popular as people realise that simple strategies such as mindful breathing exercises can do wonders in managing not just adults stress levels but also children’s.

Dr Margie Danchin a paediatrician from The Royal Children’s Hospital states that ‘teaching kid’s relaxation and breathing exercises can be a great first step to helping them deal with anxiety. Many Victorian schools are introducing ‘mindfulness sessions’ into the curriculum, where kids learn to calm their thoughts and bodies to enhance their learning.’

No wonder there is the growing trend of children’s yoga with statements such as this from our top children’s health care organisation. More and more yoga schools are opening their doors to our little ones to help teach them values and skills such as resilience, calmness, gratitude and confidence to name a few. We are also seeing yoga classes designed for teens, helping them to manage the stresses that come with VCE and choosing a life path.

With yoga being the fastest growing fitness activity in Australia amongst adults it is no wonder that people are now wanting to bestow these benefits onto the next generation.

Children practicing the art of belly breathing to calm the body and the mind