Kids Yoga

The benefits of yoga are well known for adults, we believe these benefits are even greater for young people to prepare them for the tricky process of growing up to be well balanced teenagers and young adults.  

Our practice gives students the physical benefits of strength, balance and flexibility; combined with lessons in calmness, kindness and bravery.

Little Warrior classes are themed to keep the children engaged, class time varies from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the age group. Music and props are used to keep class fun and entertaining as well as bestowing the deeper benefits of yoga to the children.

Anything from ‘Creating confidence through a strong and healthy back’, ‘Finding Clarity with healthy digestion’, ‘Teaching Calmness and working the kidneys’.

Classes will consist of plenty of physical movement by practicing age appropriate yoga postures to improve flexibility, suppleness in the joints as well as strengthen growing bodies.

We will learn various breathing techniques and exercises that will help the kids deal with their day to day life and manage any stresses and emotions that go hand in hand with growing up.

At the end of class there will be the very important relaxation/meditation time using age appropriate methods to help the kids leave feeling more refreshed, connected, relaxed and better equipped to be happy and confident little human beings

Benefits of yoga

Health Benefits

Increased range of motion

Improved posture

Improved balance and coordination

Improved stress management

Improved concentration

Lengthening and strengthening
of all major muscle groups

Yoga was developed over 5000 years ago as a way to ease ailments of the body but most importantly as a path to still the mind and gain clarity. Since it was introduced to the West a little over 60 years ago its popularity has grown exponentially.

In India, the birthplace of yoga, children have always been exposed to yoga from at a very young age. We believe that the earlier children are exposed to the the powerful concepts of yoga, the better equipped the child will be to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life.